“Twelfth Night” – Starring Anne Hathaway
The Public Theater LORT (2008 minimum weekly salary: $750; may change with new LORT
Author: Shakespeare
Director: Daniel Sullivan

1st rehearsal: April 28, 2009. Runs June 9 – July 12 at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park.



Olivia: Late 20s - late 30s. A countess. Attractive. A bit of a “sleeping beauty” metaphorically. Hiding
behind her grief for the loss of her brother, she has found herself “stuck” in the circumstances of
her life, but when she awakes, she revives with all of the vibrancy of her life before. Hard not to fall
in love with her. Proud and afraid to become vulnerable to a man, but underneath she wants to be
totally swept away. When she does “fall”, she becomes almost idiotic. Role for an actress with full
emotional range, capable of playing extremes, and comedic skill.

Orsino: 30s - early 40s. Duke of Illyria. Romantic. A poetic soul. Handsome. Unrequited in love with
Olivia, he has found himself in a similarly direction-less state. Once vital as a soldier and a leader,
he has reached a certain kind of stoppage in the forward movement of his life. Good natured, with
a melancholy aspect, but still dangerous because of his power.

Malvolio: 40 - 50. Olivia’s steward. Intense. Puritanical. Enjoys being a spoil-sport. Executes his
job of repressing the household with the demeanor and enthusiasm of the secret police. So self-
involved that he sees nothing that goes on around him. Takes himself very seriously. Role for a
MASTER comedian.

Sir Toby Belch: 40s - 50s. Big. Full of life and energy. Overindulges. Drinks, eats and loves a lot.
Can’t resist a good brawl or a good woman. Definitely has some issues with authority. A vivid
human being who lives and loves LIFE in capital leters. Smart, and very funny - but not without
depth. Role for an actor with enormous expanse of humor and heart. Larger than life in every way.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek: 30 - early 40s. Toby’s protégé. Temperamentally and physically, kind of
fragile. Wants to love, drink and fight just like Sir Toby, but is not good at any of it and cannot
understand why. Tries hard, but somehow his neuro-pathways are not connected like any other
human being’s. Someone you might describe as eccentric, but “special” might be closer to the
truth. Very funny. Another role for a MASTER comedian.

Maria: 25 - 45. Olivia’s lady-in-waiting. A vital woman, full of the devil. Bright. Earthy. Sexy. Crafty.
Figures out how Toby and she can have the life they want within the austere confines of the
household. She is by far the “brains” of the organization. Fun and full of life, but you wouldn’t want
to mess with her.

Feste: The age is somewhat open, but 40+ would be ideal. It is mostly important that someone
REALLY “fits the bill”. Olivia’s jester. Brilliantly witty. MUST SING EXTREMELY WELL. Straddling the
line between beggar, fool and jester, his condition serves as a reminder of how difficult life can be
for some. A personality which is in diametric opposition to his name. Very funny but with edge, in
that way of people who make jokes to make money but are not exactly happy about it. Role for an
actor who is very, very funny, weird and extremely likable.

Sebastian: 20 - 30. Viola’s twin brother. Think Anne Hathaway’s twin. Handsome. Bold. Youthful.
Exuberant. Mistaken for Viola when she is disguised as a boy.

Antonio: 25 - 35. Sea captain. Friend to Sebastian. Loyal. Honest. Deeply invested in his friendship
with Sebastian. Hot-tempered. Powerful.

Sea Captain: 40s - 50s. Friend to Viola. Strong. Gentle.

Valentine: 40s - 50s. Gentleman attending on the Duke. Minister of state-like. Perhaps a bit formal.
A man with a good soul. Loyal, caring retainer.

Curio: Late 40s. Gentleman attending on the Duke. Ready to hunt.

Fabian: 25 - 35. Groundskeeper at Lady Olivia’s. Gets everything done around the house.

Equity Ensemble: 20s - 30s. All must be highly experienced in handling classical text to play non-
dialogued roles with understudy responsibilities. Theatre’s note: “We are particularly interested in
ensemble members who play MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PROFICIENTLY. ” Note the instruments
you play on your resume.

Viola: CAST (Anne Hathaway). Auditioning performers will be considered as possible emergency
replacements, should any become necessary. 20 - 30. As a girl: Feminine. As a boy: Bold. As both:
Witty. Resourceful. Industrious. Open-hearted. Trying to move her life forward, and yet somehow
caught in a middle-place; not swimming, not drowning, but treading water and all the while trying to
make the best out of a difficult time in her life. Wise beyond her years. Capable of risk-taking,
profound thinking and deep feeling. Role for an actress with strong comedic and dramatic abilities.

Equity Principal Auditions: Tuesday, March 17, 10 AM – 5:30 PM (Lunch from 1:30 – 2):

The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street
New York, 10003

Please prepare a brief Shakespeare monologue (Theatre’s casting personnel request that
monologues be no longer than two minutes).

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

Theatre’s statement: “We are committed to casting diverse companies. We are seeking actors of
all cultures, ages, disabled and non-disabled.”

B Productions present  "My Pal Bette" Auditions
-Non Unions-
Performances June 20th-28th, 2009
Producer’s Club Theater
358 W. 44st
NY, NY 10036

Auditions to be held at The Producer’s Club, Studio 3
March 19th 2-4
March 20th 7-9
March 21st 2-4

Please prepare a 1 minute comedic monologue, and sides will be provided.

My Pal Bette is a one act play

Casting non-union actors in the following roles:

Character descriptions:

Male; age 8-13
Painfully obsessive-compulsive, Tommy is a quirky, fidgety kid, who is likable yet awkward and shy.
Movie-star Bette Davis teaches him how to assert himself. Actor should be comfortable with long
stretches of dialogue and physical comedy.

Female; age 30ish-40ish
Kvetching Jewish Mother. A codependent mess with a shrill voice and frequent mood swings. Her
loud, overbearing and crass personality masks deep insecurities.

Female; age 30ish-40ish
Must be able to impersonate (in look, dialogue and song) the iconic pop singer.

Male; age 20-30
Character actor needed to cover several featured roles. Thomas is an unkempt Archie Bunker-
esque loudmouth. God and Devil are distinctive offstage voice-overs. Derek is an obnoxious fratboy.

Male; age 20-30
Beautiful, well-built hunk. An apostle of “Diva Heaven” he appears in a number of revealing
costumes and must move well.

Ms. Darwin/Susie
Female; age 18-25
Comedic caracter actress playing dual roles. Ms. Darwin is the overworked and burnt-out shell of a
once idealistic teacher. Susie is frantic, insane teenager who cannot seem to stop herself from
babbling incessently. She is relatively cute, but everything about her seems somehow slightly “off.”

*Special consideration will be given to actresses capable of playing both CAROL and CHER.

The project is paid, each actor will receive 5% of the net profits. No Meals, Credit or Transportation
is provided.

To reserve an audition time, please contact Tammy Kopko at  347-627-3285   or email her at

National dating commercial
Pro Model & casting Agency is looking for non-union, Caucasian and African-American females
age 18-30 yrs. for an upcoming, national dating commercial.

Must be very attractive with great on-camera presence and acting ability!

This is a fun, flirty commercial, so talent must be outgoing!

We will be holding auditions in NYC sometime in March.

Please submit headshot and resume to and we will contact you if we
are interested in seeing you for an audition.

Shoot will take place in Allentown, PA between April 27th and 30th.
The shoot will be 2 half days at a rate of $500/day.

Sodium Vapor Films is casting experimental film “La Ricetta”
Sodium Vapor Films is casting La Ricetta, a 35mm experimental film set in a surreal environment
about a grandmother who teaches her grandson the process of cleaning and roasting a suckling

Non Union: Grandmother: female, 40-66+, as authentic as possible, actually being a grandmother
a plus, ability to speak Italian a plus but not required.
Note: No animals will be harmed in this project.

Send submissions to

Some pay, credits, meals and travel provided.
Shoots March 20 on stage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

U.S., ”The Fugitive Chronicles”(Non Union-TV)
Kristian Sorge Casting is casting “The Fugitive Chronicles” a new show for A&E.
Kristian Sorge, casting dir shooting April-July in various locations around the U.S., including NYC,
NJ, CO & MT, among others.

Seeking Principals and Background Actors (Specifically seeking talent in Southern California,
Miami, Colorado, Arizona, Spain, upstate New York and South Africa.

Auditions will be held by appointment only throughout the shooting schedule in various locations.
Email pix & Contact info to and also send to RAW TV, c/o Kristian
Sorge Casting, 100 Avenue of the Americas, Ste 6-42, NYC 10013. Pay provided for all roles.

Extras needed for feature film
Descriptions of extras being sought include:
(in the New York City area)

•School-aged kids -- ages 8-13 -- male/female -- to be a part of some scenes that take place in a
Soviet-era classroom.

•Teens -- male/female -- must be able to act as if having lived through hard times, including a past

• Women -- must be able to act as if they have lived through hard times, including a past famine.

•Men -- to be prisoners and/or villagers -- must appear as though they lived through famine

The casting process (to include a few minor speaking roles) will begin as early as February 28,
2009. Auditions will be held in the Chester area at Roe's Orchards on Route 94.
The film shoot
begins in April/May.

If interested in participating, send an email with your contact information to Maria at If you are able, please attach a clear full-body photo. For those under age 18,
the email must come from a parent/guardian.

For more information about the film, check out these links:

Airfield Films is casting "Plastic" (Non-Sag)
Airfield Films is casting ‘Plastic”, a thirty-minute film about the aftermath of a mature relationship
between a teacher and a pilot that haunts them both, literally and lyrically.  
Andrew Baker directs, Matthew Griffin produces, and Rob Featherstone shoots.  Rehearsals will
be started as soon as possible, and the film will be shot on 16mm over the course of several
months, one or two days at a time, for roughly six days total.  
Filming locations TBD, in New York City and environs.

Seeking EMILY, 30s, some mild nudity, simulated lovemaking; and ROB, 30s.  This film is heavily
rooted in character voice and physicality.

Please submit an email with a headshot and resume, and one or two lines about yourself, to  Auditions to be held in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn on SATURDAY, MARCH 7
by appointment.  If you are not available that day, please note this in your email.  Non-SAG, but
some pay.
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