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Modern Dance Companies Directory

A Ludwig Dance Theatre -
Tempe-based company creating works beyond the traditional concepts, from extreme avant-garde
performance to very thoughtful reflections on the human condition. Information about dancers,
performances, and tours.

Center Dance Ensemble -
The resident Modern Dance Company of the Herberger Theatre Center in Phoenix, AZ. Frances Smith
Cohen, Director.

Allyson Green Dance -
Performs in Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Portugal, Slovakia,
Venezuela, and the United States. The company is produced annually in New York by such venues as
Danspace Project, Dance Theater Workshop and Symphony Space. (San Diego, CA, USA)

AXIS Dance Company -
A contemporary dance group with an unusual body of dancers, some of whom are disabled. Their work
is recognized internationally. (Oakland, CA, USA)

Benita Bike's DanceArt Co. -
A Los Angeles chamber modern dance company whose work ranges from the elegant and abstract to
the gutsy and emotionally potent.

Can't Catch Me Bird Dance Theater -
Aerial modern dance theater. Site features "The Wedding Journey: Vows In Midair," performance and a
real wedding open to public.

Capacitor Performance -
Capacitor is a group of interdisciplinary movement artists that accumulate energy from our
technologically impacted culture and release it through innovative, multi-sensory performances. (San

Company Chaddick -
One of the most acclaimed and imaginative of the modern dance companies in the San Francisco Bay

Contraband -
A group of dancers, artists, and musicians, directed by Sara Shelton Mann. (Northern California)

Dandelion Dancetheater -
A post-modern dance - theater company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that collides raw,
emotionally-driven, athletic and lyrical movement with theatrical scenes and gesture to explore the
essence of what it is to be alive.

Deborah Slater Dance Theater -
A professional dance-theater company dedicated to the creation and production of evening-length
works that explore timely social issues using original movement, text and music. (San Francisco, CA)

Diavolo Dance Theater -
Founded in 1992 in Los Angeles by Jacques Heim to create large-scale interdisciplinary performances
which examine the funny and frightening ways individuals act with their environment.

Donna Sternberg & Dancers -
The magic of dance, to transport, to exhilarate, to touch on the deepest level of our being. (Santa
Monica, CA)

Fellow Travelers Performance Group -
Fellow Travelers Performance Group is an innovative dance theater company that combines raw
physical movement, absurd props, and surreal insights on the human condition to produce edgy yet
humorous psychological portraits of social interaction. (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Fire Pixie Fire Performance -
Fire Pixie is a collective of fire dancers, eaters, and breathers based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Flaming Fusion -
Sizzling fusion of multiple dance styles (Jazz, African, Bollywood etc.) in one dance or workout.
Performance troupe for all events.

Goddess A Go Go Dance Theatre -
Goddess A Go Go Dance Theatre creates and performs thought provoking, edgy, comedic, uplifting, and
inspiring dance theater celebrating the beauty, strength, and diversity of women and dance.

Helios Dance Theater -
Southern California company that makes use of discussion and improvisation during rehearsal to
explore in depth the dance at hand.

Hysterica Dance Company -
Hysterica Dance - official website for hysterica dance company, award winning Los Angeles based
contemporary dance company - schedule, bios, collaborators, press links...

Janice Garrett & Dancers -
San Francisco, CA

Jean Isaacs' San Diego Dance Theater -
Innovative company promotes modern dance in San Diego through performance, artist mentorship,
educational outreach, cross-border US/Mexico collaborations, summer workshops, classes, tours.
Bios, schedule, history. Non-profit 501 (c)3.

Kim Epifano/Epiphany Productions -
An interdisciplinary dance company that engages in three distinct programs: production and
performance of original dance-theater works; professional training classes and workshops for
dancers; and ongoing community outreach through performing arts programs for children and seniors.
(San Francisco, CA)

LA Unbound
To hold public dance performances that provide an outlet for personal expression and interaction with
others who share a love of dance, and to unify without a competitive nature. (Los Angeles, CA)

LEVYdance -
Aims to captivate and provoke the audience by igniting personal emotions within each viewer. (San
Francisco, CA)

Lineage Dance -
Lineage Dance is a contemporary dance company based in Pasadena that is dedicated to raising
support and awareness for nonprofit organizations as well as to making the arts accessible to people
of all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Lineage tours the country regularly to perform
benefit concerts, teach master classes, and conduct workshops at schools and universities.  The
company produces the Pasadena Dance Festival at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium each year.

Liss Fain Dance -
Liss Fain Dance, a modern dance company based in San Francisco, has earned a reputation for vibrant,
abstract pieces crafted from movement and steps that traverse broad areas. The company's works are
replete with images both abstract and personal; technical precision and heightened physicality
underscore the dances.

Loretta Livingston and Dancers -
Contemporary dance performance ensemble based in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers -
A non-profit dance organization composed of two professional companies, Louise Reichlin and Dancers
(modern) and Zapped Taps/Alfred Desio (tap).

Lula Washington Dance Theatre -
One of the most admired African-American dance institutions in California. It is known for great,
energetic dance and wonderful residencies. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Malashock Dance&Company -
A Modern/Contemporary dance company lead by John Malashock. (California, USA)

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company -
Web site detailing the activities and performances of the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company from San
Francisco, CA.

Margaret Wingrove Dance Company -
Contemporary San Jose group emphasizing innovation and emerging local talent since 1981.

Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre -
NBDT is a contemporary dance company known for concerts of wit, athleticism, and pure joy for all
ages.  Three productions available with live music, HEARTLAND, ALL THINGS IRISH, and NEW ORLEANS-
RIVER RISING. The company has been performing for 20 years and has toured the U.S., Mexico and

Nancy Karp + Dancers -
Dedicated to the creation and presentation of new work that reflects the artistic vision of
director/choreographer Nancy Karp. (San Francisco)

Nguyen Dance Company -
Nguyen Dance Company (NDC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The company's signature style
blends contemporary elements with traditional Vietnamese aesthetics. Located in Oakland, California.

ODC Dance/San Francisco -
San Francisco's premier modern dance company.

Paufve | dance -
Paufve | dance is a modern dance company based in Oakland, California under the artistic direction of
choreographer Randee Paufve, with choreography which communicates through the language of the
body, viscerally and intuitively connecting to other human beings.

Printz Dance Project -
A contemporary dance company that blends athletic modern dance with jazz. hip-hop and ethnic forms.
(San Francisco, CA,USA)

Run For Your Life!'s a dance company! -
Abstract comedy with no malice or agenda, and their satirical dances point up universal human (or non-
human) foibles. (San Francisco, CA, USA)

SonneBlauma Dance Theatre -
A contemporary dance company offering classes, workshops, performances and celebrations. Located
in Santa Barbara, California.

Strong Current Dance Company -
Kirstin Williams' all women modern dance company in San Francisco, performing works that benefit the
community by commenting on women's roles through a feminist perspective.

Xdrop -
pronounced "Tenth Drop". The tenth drop in Dante's Inferno is purgatory -- the light at the end of the
tunnel. San Diego, California.

Helander Dance Theater -
Boulder performing group working to make dance a vehicle for creating greater understanding, sharing,
and healing of local and global communities. Information about choreography, dancers, performances,
and classes.

Kim Olson / Sweet Edge Dance Company -
Contemporary dance company with innovative dance works. Performances and events employ
traditional stage venues and site specific spaces. Located in Littleton, Colorado.

Kim Robards Dance -
Kim Robards Dance has inspired individuals through its high level of artistic excellence in
performances and workshops. Each season presents an exhilarating array of company events.
(Denver, CO, USA)

Full Force Dance Theatre -
In its tenth year of presenting repertory with its founder and director, Katie Stevinson-Nollet.

Pilobolus Dance Theatre -
Connecticut-based company of choreographers and dancer-athletes committed to developing three
original works each year, with two companies touring nationally and worldwide. Performance
schedules and information about workshops, residencies, and other opportunities.

Karen Peterson and Dancers -
Florida's only modern dance company to feature collaborative "mixed-ability" dance work and
contemporary repertory. (Miami)

Brooks & Comapny Dance -

Duende Dance Theater -
Duende Dance Theater is a modern dance and theater company, founded on the idea that movement
can share, nourish, and praise the spirit in us all. (Atlanta, GA)

Full Radius Dance -
Promotes, advances, and enhances the modern dance form for persons with disabilities, for dance
artists, and the general community. (Atlanta, GA)

Emory Dance Program -

Several Dancers Core -
Group that offers classes and workshops in Houston and Atlanta and gives performing tours as the
Core Performance Company. Includes tour schedule.

Tau Dance Theater -
Modern works, deeply rooted in the traditions, spirituality, and artistry of Polynesia and the Pacific Rim
nations (Hawaii)

TILT Dance Company -
News, information, and photos of Maui's modern dance company.

Idaho Dance Theatre -
Company of professional artists based in Boise, working to advance and promote the art of dance as
part of the state's cultural and educational environment. Information about performances and tours.

AMEBA Acrobatic & Aerial Dance -
Information about this not-for-profit professional dance company, including performances, productions,
classes, apprentice company and outreach events. (Chicago)

Breakbone Dance Company -
Utilizing the Bodyslam Technique developed by Artistic Director Atalee Judy, this award-winning
Chicago performance company incorporates strong visuals, aggressive music, multimedia, and martial
art blend of athletic dance techniques with politically charged works.

Chicago Moving Company -
Performs regularly throughout Chicago and has toured nationally and internationally to acclaim

DanceLoop Chicago -
A not-for-profit dance company founded by Paula Frasz and Dmitri Peskov providing theatrical modern
dance in the Chicago area.

Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago -
Created to create and preserve American jazz dance. Technically strong dancers perform daring, edgy

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago -
Combines modern, jazz, and ballet to create energetic, athletic form of dance. Top choreographers from
Holland, Spain, and Israel add a distinctive international flavor.

Joel Hall Dancers -
One of the most racially and ethnically diverse professional dance companies in America, based in
African-American jazz music and jazz dance culture. (Chicago, IL, USA)

Korzatkowski Contemporary Dance -
Blends a variety of dance forms with theatrical flare and elegance, while maintaining an emotional core,
creating and performing works that are accessible, emotional, and imaginative. Based in Elmwood
Park, IL.

Mad Shak Dance Company -
Mad Shak Dance Company creates and presents highly physical, intricately crafted contemporary
modern dance through the collaborative development of unique movement vocabulary, original music,
and theatrical concepts that intellectually engage and entertain audiences. (Chicago)

Perceptual Motion -
Non-profit, multi-generational dance company. Contact and company information on web site. Located
in Chicago, IL.

River North Chicago Dance Company -
Mixes modern and jazz dance. Sultry Spanish influenced dance is some of their most distinctive work.

Valerie Alpert Dance Company -
Valerie Alpert Dance Company produces high quality dance works that engage community members
locally, nationally, and internationally in the immediacy and imagination of modern dance as an art form.
(Prospect Hts., IL)

Winifred Haun and Dancers -
Features photos, videos, performance schedule for dance performances choreographed by Winifred
Haun, which offer an emotionally charged, compelling fusing of the elements of modern, ballet, and jazz.
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Dance Kaleidoscope -
Professional contemporary dance group offers performances and arts education in Indianapolis and on
tour. Includes season schedule and touring information.

Valerie Williams Co'Motion Dance Theater -
Professional modern dance company based in Ames that tours throughout the upper Midwest as well
as performing locally.

Berea College Modern Dance Troupe -
Touring company of student dancers performs in an array of styles, including modern, jazz, classical,
contemporary and improvisation.

ArtSpot Productions -
A New Orleans-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation and production of original
multidisciplinary performance works for local, national and international presentation.

CrossCurrents Dance Company -
Contemporary dance troupe based in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Doug Hamby Dance -
A professional dance company in residence at the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus. (USA)

Lesole Maine -
Lesole’s Dance Project (LDP) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, founded by Lesole Z. Maine in 2003.
The company of six dancers was the recipient of The Washington Post’s Bringing the Arts to Our
Community grant in 2003. The company creates and performs works that highlight the unique qualities
of modern and Afro-Fusion style of dance and provide educational programs of the movement and
history of popular South African dances such as Gumboots, Indlamu and Panstula.

Tehreema Mitha Dance Company -
A multicultural group based in Bethesda, performs both contemporary and classical Indian dance.

Bennett Dance Company -
This Boston-based company's athletic and visceral performances blend modern dance with other
artistic media such as sculpture, photography, martial arts, and music.

Digby Dance -
Founded on the belief that people of all cultural and economic backgrounds, ages, and abilities are
empowered by the immediacy of dancing, Digby Dance seeks to bring modern dance to diverse
audiences. (Boston, MA)

Exit Dance Theatre -
Professional modern dance company based in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Visit our site for
performance dates near you.

Snappy Dance Theater -
Quirky Boston-based modern dance theater company combining physicality, beauty, humor and
sadness in performances for all audiences.

BodyCartography: Site Specific Dance and Improvisation -
The BodyCartography Project is an ongoing phenomenon, a body of research and performance work,
which began moving in 1997. We are a movement and dance ensemble that performs in public spaces,
creating a physical dialogue between ourselves and the environments in which we work. Through
focused research and playful exploration we utilize movement to explore the relationship between
public life and artistic expression. (Minneapolis, MN)

Zenon Dance Company and School -
Zenon's Dance School provides a diverse curriculum of modern, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop to dancers of
all ages and levels. Zenon Dance Company performs locally, nationally, and internationally. Minneapolis,

Atrek Dance Collective -
Contemporary and modern dance collective in St. Louis, that conducts performances, educational
outreach programs, an annual summer dance intensive (Impulse), and goes on national and regional

Dance St. Louis -
Not-for-profit agency dedicated to enhancing cultural well-being by creating and perpetuating interest,
awareness and appreciation of dance through concert presentations and educational activities.

New Jersey
Freespace Dance -
A modern dance company in residence at Montclair State University, New Jersey.

New Mexico
AirDance New Mexico -
Aerial dance and multi-media theater from Albuquerque, New Mexico directed by Debra Landau.
Upcoming performances and descriptions of past productions. Also includes links.

Bill Evans Dance Company -
The finest in modern, tap and ballet from a true professional. Extensive selection of choreographed
works. Guest artist residencies, and workshops. (Sandia Park, NM, USA)

Khecari Dance Theatre -
Contemporary dance and performance art group based in Taos, New Mexico (USA), dedicated to
furthering education and healing through movement, self-expression, and performance.

Moving People Dance Theatre -
Contemporary modern dance company in Santa Fe, New Mexico, presenting a broad spectrum of dance
through a professional touring company, a high quality school, and an internationally recognized Dance

New York
Adele Myers and Dancers -
A contemporary dance company of five women based in New York City. Combining robust athleticism
with dramatic intent, the choreography portrays a spectrum of power dynamics among women.

AdrienneCelesteFadjoDANCE -
A professional modern dance company based in New York City.

Alpha Omega Dance -
The company's goal has always been to work with as many art forms and new and upcoming
choreographers. (NYC)

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater -
The official site, includes history, current repertory, information about the Ailey School and ticket

Amy Marshall Dance Company -
Brings modern dance to communities through residencies, lecture demonstrations, and performances,
educating the public about the art form. Located in New York, United States.

Andrew Jannetti and Dancers -
Information provided includes biographies, performance schedule and newsletter. (NYC)

Anita Cheng Dance -
Choreographer Anita Cheng's art and technology modern dance company in New York City develops
new media, DVDs, photos, internet streaming video and live performances (NYC)

Artichoke Dance Company -
Provides a vehicle for artists to explore and create dance and performance works.(New York, NY, USA)

Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater -
In its 31st year, Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater has an original repertoire of 60 dances. AGDT is the
leading modern dance company in New York City headed by a Mexican-born American.

Avodah Dance Ensemble -
Modern dance company rooted in the Jewish tradition. (NYC)

Aynsley Vandenbroucke Movement Group -
A modern dance company that explores the relationship between movement and fundamental human
questions. The group's work is particularly influenced by Laban Movement Analysis and Zen Buddhism.

Balam Dance Theatre -
A contemporary dance company inspired by Balinese theatre. 6 dancers and Balinese guest artists.
Founded in 1979. (NYC)

Battery Dance Company -
(New York City, NY, USA)

Ben Munisteri Choreography -
Modern classical technique combined with innovative movement. (NYC)

Beth Rodriguez Dance Projects -
Addresses universal themes through a user-friendly application of multiple dance vernaculars. Located
in NYC.

Blue Muse Dance Project -
Established in year 1998, the company provides choreographers the opportunity to show their work and
talent to the New York City community.

Buglisi Foreman Dance -
Former artists from the Martha Graham Company provide information on schedule, dance festivals,
photographs, and reviews. Performs nationally and internationally. (NYC)

Camara Dance Unlimited -
An organization of dancers and educators committed to expressing, engaging, and transforming the
human spirit through the experience of dance and movement. (Long Island, NY)

Has presented works in various venues in New York City including the Evolving Arts Theater at Dance
Space, Soundance Studio, the Cunningham Studio, 31/21 Circum-Arts, and the Pace Downtown Theater.

Christopher Caines Dance Company -
New York based contemporary dance company performing the work of choreographer Christopher
Caines, featuring live music, singers, instrumentalists and choirs.

Circle of Dance Repertory Company -
Founded in 1982 by five artists dedicated to developing a regional modern dance company. (Huntington,

Company Rindfleisch -
New York based modern dance company.

Complexions Dance Company -
Choreographers Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, former stars from Alvin Ailey American
Dance Theater, run this New York based troupe which performs internationally with artists from dance,
theater and music.

Dance By Neil Greenberg -
A contemporary modern dance company founded by choreographer Neil Greenberg. The company aims
to provide keys for the viewer into the rich experience of dance, and explore the particular kinds of
meaning--sensual, perceptual, ontological--that dance can provide.

Dance Repertory (dRep) -
Professional dance company founded by Donnette Heath in 1997 to educate youth and increase
awareness and appreciation of modern dance. Located in New York, New York.

Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company -
A young, highly-praised modern dance company based in New York. Choreographer Gwirtzman
previously danced with Garth Fagan and Mark Morris, and is a co-founder of Artichoke Dance Company.

David Dorfman Dance -
Official website for David Dorfman Dance and Art Sweats, Inc. (NYC, NY)

Decadancetheatre -
Made up of female dancers from the US, Germany, Denmark and Japan. (Brooklyn, NY)

Donna Uchizono Dance Company -
La Donna Dance, Inc. (Donna Uchizono Company) is a contemporary modern dance company founded
by Artistic Director Donna Uchizono to create and present works for the public." New York City, NY (USA)

Doug Varone and Dancers -
Performs a body of work heralded by critics as "among the most compelling in the contemporary
repertory." Honored with seven New York Dance and Performance Awards (Bessies)

A collective of modern dancers and choreographers working as one to bring innovative movement to
the world. The Esse Aficionado mission is to encourage professional artists to collaborate their
technical and aesthetic ideas for the purpose of creating works of thought-provoking art. (NYC)

Eva Dean Dance -
A Brooklyn-based contemporary dance company established in 1985. It has premiered over 40 highly
acclaimed dances.

FORWARD Motion Theater -
A non-profit organization to create and promote choreo-works combining movement and technology.

Gabrielle Lansner & Company, Dance/Theater -
A NYC based dance/theater company. The works, inspired by literary sources, are physical, visual and
non-linear collages of words and movement. The Company creates emotionally intimate and resonant
work, inviting an audience to connect to and deepen their own emotional life.

Galumpha -
Combining stunning acrobatics, striking visual effects, physical comedy and inventive choreography,
Galumpha brings to life a world of imagination, beauty, muscle and merriment. (Binghamton, NY)

Gina Gibney Dance -
Maintains an active schedule that includes the creation of new work, an annual New York season, and
touring engagements throughout the U.S. and abroad.

isadoraNOW -
IsadoraNOW is dedicated to preserving the works of Isadora Duncan while utilizing her theories and
movement vocabulary for education and for the creation of new choreography.

Jill sigman/thinkdance main page -
Founded in 1998, jill sigman/thinkdance uses body as a medium to make people think, question, and
interpret. (NYC)

Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects : New York Modern Dance -
Creates strong energetic, expressive, extremely physical dance

John Jasperse Company -
Presents live performances of contemporary dance and engages in a broad range of residency
activities in the US and abroad. The company aims to challenge and engage audiences in rich,
innovative aesthetic and intellectual experiences, thereby expanding the form. (NYC)

KDNY Dance Company -
Based in New York City. K D N Y showcases the athletic and buoyant choreography of Kathleen Dyer,
which ranges from the comic to the mysterious.

Kun Yang Lin/Dancers -
Dance company whose choreography is a fusion of modern American and Asian traditions (Tai chi,
Martial art, Chinese dance, theater, music and painting) mixed with popular culture and postmodern

Lacy James/Mereminne Dancers -
Reviews, photos, video, bio/history, performance calendar. Also includes information about the music
and other artistic projects of New York City-based Lacy James and Mereminne Productions.

LeeSaar -
The Company was established in Israel in 2000 by the actress and writer Lee Sher and The
Dancer/Choreographer Saar Harari. The company uses the different disciplines and training of Theater
and Dance to create original dance and theater performances.
Lee and Saar Received the Six Point Fellowship for 2007-2009. They received the Guggenheim
fellowship in Choreography for 2008 and the New York Foundation for the Art Fellowship for 2008.

Malleable Dance Theater -
Malleable Dance Theater is an interdisciplinary company that creates both ensemble-generated and
choreographed work.  We are particularly interested in emotionally driven work that expands the
artistry of the company and stirs the hearts of the viewers through the progression of each work.

Mandalas, Murray Spalding Movement Arts -
Mandalas are dances which place emphasis on the mandala as a medium for meditation while still
maintaining a formal choreographic structure. Synthesizing contemporary dance and meditation,
Mandalas occupy a place between prayer and performance. (NYC)

Mark Morris Dance Group -
Presents an average of 90 shows each year in 35 cities worldwide and has the distinction of being the
only modern dance company in the country to feature live music at every performance.

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance -
A community dedicated to the continuing affirmation of Martha Graham's life and legacy.

Mary Seidman and Dancers -
Exists to further the growth of modern dance in society and act as a catalyst for learning, growth, and
physical development (NYC)

Maude Baum & Company -
With a mission to bring the best of American Modern Dance Theartre Choreography and Performance
to out audiences and to inspire creativity, Maude Baum and Company creates, performs and tours
acclaimed American Modern Dance works and offers an acclaimed repertoire of Dance Theatre works
(Albany, NY)

Maura Nguyen Donohue - In Mixed Company -
Work often explores issues surrounding an identity specifically regarding racial ties and gender roles,
incorporating text with an athletic movement style drawing on gymnastics, stage combat, Peking
Opera, martial arts, contact improvisation, and various traditional and contemporary dance / theater
forms. (New York)

Merce Cunningham Dance -
Bethune Street. Studio. Company, classes, schedules. (New York)

Misnomer Dance Theater -
Aims to blend human architecture and improbable partnering with a physically tense quick-action
movement style based on traditional Balinese dance. Located in New York.

Naganuma Dance -
A contemporary dance company based in New York City, under the direction of Hawaii native Darcy

Nicholas Andre Dance Theatre -
New York City

Nicholasleichterdance -
Confronts issues of race, gender, and cultural dominance with dancing that is well-crafted and fully
realized. (NYC)

Notes in Motion -
A dance theatre company made up of choreographers and artists invested in collaboration and the
energy and challenge which such community fosters. Three major elements constitute Notes in Motion
programming: workshop, production, and education/outreach.

Octavia Cup Dance Theatre -
Creates high-octane avant-garde dance theater that reaches people in a visual and visceral way. The
company approaches performance in a richly textured interdisciplinary deconstructionist manner
which includes text, music, voice and installation art.

Palissimo -
dance theatre company under artistic leadership of Pavel (Palo) Zustiak, based in New York City

Park Avenue Dance Company -
Encourages and develops modern dance choreography through participation, education, performance
and community involvement in a positive environment (Rochester, NY)

Parsons Dance Company -
The Parsons Dance Company is comprised of ten full-time dancers and maintains a repertory of over 50
works. See when the company is coming to a theatre near you. (New York)

Paul Taylor Dance Company -
Paul Taylor, his work, and his company.

Pick of the Crop Dance -
Pick of the Crop Dance is a regional dance company based in Buffalo, New York, USA.

Randy James Dance Works -
New Jersey based Modern Dance company under the direction of Artistic Director Randy James.
Named one of the "Best Performances of 2000" by Newark's Star Free Ledger.

Risa Jaroslow & Dancers/High Tide Dance, Inc. -
Founded in 1985 to create works that reflect and speak to people's lives, use dance-making to forge
connections between people, and include people of different ages, backgrounds, and skills in the dance-
making process. (NYC)

Sarah Skaggs Dance -
Sarah Skaggs Dance merges formal concert dance with "club" or social dance, drawing on a range of
traditional and contemporary influences in movement, music and visual media to create an exciting
new, audience-inclusive format for dance. (NYC)

Silver-Brown Dance -
Based in Brooklyn, NY this vibrant young company brings a freewheeling kinetic abandon to classic
modern dance. Appearing extensively in NYC, SBD also travels internationally, offering community-
based dance education and master classes.

STREB--Dance, Danger, Action! Brooklyn-based group conducts classes and performances in a unique
form of movement art.

Suarez Dance Theater -
Information about performances, touring, training and company membership in this NYC-based cross-
over company presenting highly theatrical dance.

Conceived in 2001 by Rebecca Lazier, dedicated to creating theatrical and site-specific dance while
developing diverse audiences through collaborations and educational programs (New York City, USA)

The Joyce Trisler Danscompany -
A timeless, classical company dedicated to the continuance of pioneer Lester Horton's style of dance.
Sleek and skillful, the dancers emulate the beauty of all out dancing while embracing the human spirit
with purity of motion. (NYC).

The Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company -
We are located in Albany, NY.
The Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company presents the uniquely American art form of contemporary Modern
dance as interpreted through the richly imagined choreography of Artistic Director Ellen Sinopoli.

Tiffany Mills Company -
Mills' dancers partner in three-dimensional explosions, syncopating space. The Tiffany Mills Company
strikes a nerve, triggered by instinct, driven out of raw physicality. (NYC)

Time Lapse Dance -
Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance was formed for the projects of Jody Sperling, a dancer,
choreographer, and dance scholar based in New York City. Her choreographic style combines a fluid,
sensual physicality with an acute sense of humor. With transformation as its goal, the work draws on
eclectic imagery, often from vintage sources.

Torque Dance -
A New York City based modern dance company dedicated to presenting dance as total theatrical
experience, and welcoming and encouraging artistic contributions from those with whom we work.

Treehouse Shakers -
A dance-theater company committed to creating work that encourages people to experience their
feelings and their connection to the greater community. Treehouse Shakers achieves this by creating
humanistic stories, experimenting with narrative styles and exploring the story's elements through the
abstractions of modern dance. (NYC)

Trisha Brown Dance Company -
Dedicated to the creation and presentation of work by renowned artistic director, Trisha Brown. Offers
classes in New York City and produces work ranging from solos to large-scale choreography, and
chamber and grand operas.

Troika Ranch Dance Theater -
New York City based company combines dance, theater, and interactive digital media in their eclectic
live performances.

Vangeline Theater -
Our work fosters a general appreciation of French, Japanese and European Culture through
performances and workshops. We want to bring surreal and beautiful dream-like imagery to the public
through our dance performances in order to awaken that which is still dormant within. (NYC)

Zendora Dance Company, New York City -
Presents works that are a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western aesthetics, delicate rituals which
recall an atmosphere of ancient places.

Zvi Gotheiner and Dancers -
A ten-member dance company founded in 1989, performs works that mix modern, folk and traditional
elements with lush, full-bodied movement. (NYC)

North Carolina
Alban Elved Dance Company -
Company introduction, upcoming performances, reviews, booking information.(Winston-Salem, NC,

Sidelong Dance Co. -
Critically acclaimed modern dance company based in Winston-Salem, NC, USA

Dancing Wheels -
A professional, integrated, modern dance company comprised of dancers with (using a wheelchair for
movement) and without disabilities. The company is recognized as a pioneer in the art of integrated
(mixed abilities)dance. (Cleveland, OH USA)

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company -
A modern dance company rooted in the African American experience (Dayton, OH, USA)

MorrisonDance -
MorrisonDance is a pick-up dance company based in Cleveland, Ohio, directed by choreographer, Sarah
Morrison; this page features photographs, video, artist biographies, and links to other dance projects.

Tom & Susana Evert Dance Theatre -
Offers modern and Latin dance concerts, school programs, residencies and Qigong workshops.
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Verb Ballets -
A nonprofit organization dedicated to performing high quality, thought provoking works by
contemporary choreographers from across the nation. (Cleveland, OH)

Bodyvox -
Working with a deeply committed and inspired group of dance artists, Bodyvox's work is characterized
by a bold athleticism and inherent theatricality. Their movement surges from a source informed by
years of cross-training imbued with a fresh curiosity and a fascination with the endless possibilities of
the human body in motion. (Portland, Oregon)

Dance Theatre of Oregon -
Everything you want to know about DTO, a rising star in the world of Northwest dance!

Do Jump Dance Company -
Portland-based movement artists exploring a world where humor, music, dance, theater, acrobatics,
and ideas ignite, and where art and entertainment are one and the same. Information about classes,
camps, performances, and performing tours.

Ten Tiny Dances -
An experiment in confined space dedicated to fostering inventive dance/performance art and providing
an accessible performance to diverse audiences - all on a 4-by-4 foot stage. Located in Portland,

Teresa Mathern, Contemporary Choreographer -
"Kinetically fascinating," - Dance Magazine. About the choreographer, reviews, contact and ticket
information. (Portland. OR, USA)

ContempraDance Theatre -
ContempraDance Theatre seamlessly blends elements of classical and contemporary styles with a
jazzy, "street" verve in bringing its captivating performances to local, national and international
audiences. The company's eclectic repertoire employs original music, video art, innovative lighting and
set designs along with new choreography for maximum audience impact.

Dance Alloy -
Pittsburgh's professional modern dance company. Season schedule, educational information, and
company information.

Headlong Dance Theater -
When Headlong makes dances, they create new movement vocabularies for each piece. Rather than
ascribing to a certain dance technique, their style is eclectic and varied. (Philadelphia, PA)

Laboratory Company Dance -
Information on upcoming performances and a full range of classes. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Music & Motion Dance Productions -
A twelve-member dance troupe using a unique blend of dance styles integrating ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical,
modern, funk, and hiphop as well as Irish step dance. (Pennsylvania)

Rhode Island
Fusionworks -
Non-profit dance company based in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Performs modern and contemporary dance;
offers classes in ballet, modern dance, jazz, and hiphop; and offers outreach programs.

Beckles Dancing Company -
Committed to bringing dance to the broadest spectrum of audiences. Contact information on web site.
Located in the Dallas, Texas area.

Contemporary Dance Fort Worth -
A founding member of the Barefoot Brigade coalition for modern dance and performance art. Upcoming
events, ticket information, dance company history, and educational programs. (Texas)

Dallas Black Dance Theatre -
The oldest, continuously operating professional dance company in Dallas.

Deborah Hay Dance Company -
Performance schedules, tour dates, class information, historical background and news about
America's foremost organization for classic modern dance (Austin, TX, USA)

Michelle Brangwen Dance Ensemble -
Houston company presenting year-round performances of original choreography to new live music.
Sharing the stage dangerously, the dancers and musicians set a challenging precedent for ensemble

Several Dancers Core -
Group that offers classes and workshops in Houston and Atlanta and gives performing tours as the
Core Performance Company. Includes tour schedule.

Another Language Performing Arts Co. -
An interdisciplinary dance company whose mission is to combine different art forms in innovative ways,
and to broaden access to community arts education with the aid of today's communications
technology. (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

Ririe Woodbury Dance Company -
Dedicated to furthering contemporary dance by creating and performing original and innovative works
of the highest quality modern dance, and promoting the understanding of and appreciation for the art
form of dance, in the belief that Dance is for Everybody (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Ground Zero Dance Company -
Formed in the spring of 2000 with a goal of enriching and broadening the modern dance scene in
Richmond and Central Virginia. Their mission is to bring modern dance to a wider and more diverse
audience by maintaining an ongoing dialogue between the company and the community, through the
production of new work and regular public educational and participatory opportunities.

Jane Franklin Dance -
Jane Franklin Dance, a modern dance company based in Arlington, Virginia (just outside Washington,
DC), is a delicious blend of dance, theater and humor.

Second Wind Dance Company -
Creates performances with timely thematic materials relating to social and world issues such as
domestic violence, world hunger, and child abuse, in an artistic and culturally enriching manner.
(Chesapeake, Virginia)

Starr Foster/Dance Project -
Starr Foster/Dance Project is a gifted and powerful group of performers, as well as teachers and
choreographers. (Richmond, VA, USA)

Jerboa Dance -
Seattle based dance company performing an eclectic mix of dance styles.

Spectrum Dance Theater -
Spectrum Dance Theater presents works of contemporary American jazz choreography, and also has a
dance education program. (Seattle, WA)

Washington DC
Boris Willis Moves- Postmodern Dance -
Combines elements of hip-hop, contact improvisation and breakdance into a uniquely postmodern
dance style. Boris Willis Moves fuses dance and technology to explore 21st Century physical
expression. (Washington, DC)

ClancyWorks -
A collective of performing artists directed by Adrienne Clancy. (Washington, DC)

Edgeworks Dance Theater -
Helanius J. Wilkins, Founder and Artistic Director
EDGEWORKS Dance Theater is a unique all-male company with a growing dynamic presence in
American concert dance.  (Washington, DC)

Carter Productions -
Milwaukee-based Carter Productions is the brainchild of UW-Milwaukee alumna Susanne Carter, who
creates one-woman shows blending modern dance with gesture, text, and props.

Cycropia Aerial Dance Company -
An aerial dance troupe based in Madison, Wis., Cycropia uses low-flying trapezes and other suspension
apparati to "combine modern dance, athleticism, and the magic of defying gravity."

Danceworks Performance Company -
This Milwaukee-based company established in 1997 creates original, collaborative contemporary
dance works designed to appeal to diverse audiences, in addition to providing education and outreach.

Kanopy Dance Company -
A Madison-based professional company for nearly 30 years and resident modern dance company of
The Overture Center for the Arts, Kanopy produces an annual performance series and offers a
spectrum of modern and ballet technique classes.

Li Chiao-Ping Dance -
Artistic director and University of Wisconsin Dance Program professor Li Chiao-Ping creates powerful,
athletic multimedia work for her Oregon, Wis.-based company.

Point Dance Ensemble -
Dancers ages 9 through 18 perform with this pre-professional company in the central Wisconsin
(primarily Stevens Point) area. -
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